Akira med sin mage V8 - 2012
Akira med sin mage i V5 (av 9) - 2014
Jodå hon tar upp hela bädden själv :) - 2012
Dag 56 - Nelly rund och go' - 2012


Målet är friska, rastypiska, sociala katter, med bra temperament

Jag kommer att använda honor och försöka använda hanar, som genomgått test av FeLV, FIV och HCM/RCM test ua, om det bara finns tillräckligt med testade hanar för att säkerställa avelsbredden.

Having a heart scan will tell you if the cat is showing symptoms of a heart condition on the day of the scan, it will not tell you if the cat will go on to develop one later. At the present time the advice is to scan Breeding cats every year to monitor their heart status.
The sad thing is cats can be born with the faulty gene but this doesn’t always become apparent until they are older 4-8 years of age. By this time they can have produced a number of litters.

However by scanning every year a cat who begins to display a problem with its heart can be removed from a breeding program so no more kittens will inherit the faulty gene. This is why we at the Birman Heart Foundation have set up a breed related study to one day provide us with a DNA test we can use to screen out the faulty gene in the breed.

The sad thing is that this faulty gene can skip generations and you may think your cattery is free from Heart  problems.

If you go to http://www.birman-heart-foundation.co.uk/Cardio%20Information.html
at the end of the talk recently given at the Birman Cat Club show you can read my experience with Cardiomyopathy and see how long it took for me to realize there was a problem and how the generations were skipped.

Please pass the link to your friends and if you can, please support the research by donating money to the  Winn  Feline Foundation charity who are helping us There is a link to donate on the Birman Heart Foundation web site too.

Best Regards
Alwyn Hill
Chairman Birman Heart Foundation